Tides Canada has recognized Greenpeace and the historic Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement (CBFA) as one of its “top ten” initiatives for 2010.

The top ten list includes “Canada’s most innovative and forward-thinking initiatives. They inspire people to take action, to think in new ways and to make the world a better place.”

The Boreal agreement includes nine environmental organizations and 21 members of the Forest Products Association of Canada.

Tides Canada recognized the CBFA as a historic agreement signifying a new era of joint leadership in Canada’s Boreal Forest and for:  

•    achieving an incredibly significant framework to help establish the world’s largest forest conservation deal covering more than 72 million hectares, an area larger than Texas, of majestic wilderness from British Columbia to Newfoundland. The agreement, when fully implemented, will conserve significant areas of forest, protect threatened woodland caribou and provide a competitive market edge for participating companies.

•    helping protect Canada’s Boreal Forest, a global environmental treasure which holds almost a third of the world’s freshwater, stores more carbon than anywhere else in the world after the ocean and  contains about a third of North America’s songbirds that migrate there to breed.

•    showing the world how forest companies and environmental organizations can work together to secure a more sustainably managed Boreal Forest and more competitive industry while setting forestry standards that will be the envy of the world.
A special page on the Tides website explains why the CBFA is a winner and is featured in this video:
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