This month's podcast is all about detoxing.... Not rehab. Not where your uncle ended up after a particularly nasty drunken birthday dinner. 

I’m talking about getting toxins out of your life, your home. It’s pretty darn hard because chemicals are being invented at the rate of thousands a year and frankly most of us can’t keep up. I certainly can’t.  My rules are painfully obvious: don’t drink cleaning products. Wash produce. Don’t clean the oven with that really smelly stuff 

You have to do better than that if you have small children. Rachel Sanders reports on how Greenpeace China made the world just a little bit safe for more children.

These are the labels to look for (or avoid) on kid toys. Pthalates to avoid

Many of the bottles in our bathrooms have potentially dangerous substances. Gill Deacon hosts a CBC radio program and decided to write a book about toxins in makeup. She tells what parabans are in our environmental word of the month.

And here is her handy pocket guide to buying toxin free beauty products.

To see it full sized and to print out your own copy click here

When we learnt that  Maurice LaMarche had launched an international day when people "Talk Like Bill Shatner", the Canadian actor who played Capt Kirk in the legendary tv show Star Trek and – is a supporter of Greenpeace - we knew that other Greenpeace supporters would be joining that shindig for sure. So we asked on our Facebook page if any of the aspiring impersonators wanted to read our podcast credits as Capt Kirk. And in Montreal we found Jeffrey Farr. Hilarious.