Approaching a serious subject with a lighter heart. That's the goal of the Greenpeace Canada podcast. Can't be done? Listen to this month's episode and see if we succeed.

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This episode is all about sustainable building and buildings. If you want to be conscious about not creating more landfill or using endangered wood for the new steps on your deck or the bookshelves you're building, and you don’t know a builder to ask,  it can throw you into a green quandary.

It’s not just the building materials. To set the stage, rather than build one, the podcast opens with a great little story from a podcast called "99% invisible". It's about design. The title comes from the saying that '99% of good design you don’t notice'. That may be true, but design has a powerful environmental footprint.

Just how powerful is illustrated by the story which stars that wonderful energy saving device…the revolving door. 

If you want to read more about the study on the use of revolving doors or you can print this sign and run your own experiment. 

So if design leads a building..then what is a LEED building? Lloyd Alter the design editor and a writer at the terrific environmental site, explains.
Lloyd Alter has written about this fight in the US between LEED and Green Globe certification for the environmental site, where he is the design and managing editor. Treehugger aggregates all kinds of environmental stories and photos.

Even if you are a keen do it yourselfer…your head may still spin trying to sort FSC from VOC. Though VOCs involve..…off gassing…and you know that can’t be good. \

Richard Brooks – our senior forest campaigner –  recently renovated his house. he knows how to navigate that massive hardware store and has some top tips on what to look for. One thing is, the FSC logo.FSC logo FSC LOGO PHOTO

Richard Brooks and Shane Moffatt, two of our forest campaigners, are being sued for millions of dollars by Resolute Forest Products, Canada’s largest logging company, because they exposed Resolute’s reckless clear-cutting in the Boreal Forest. 

We asked Canadians to sign a petition and stand for forests because they can’t defend themselves. And some of the tens of thousands who signed that pledge are being honoured in a rather cool way. Each name was inscribed on a Guardian Tree. This massive free standing creation, as bold and as beautiful as the old trees found in Canada’s intact Boreal Forest, is made from recycled wood.the Guardian Tree made of recycled wood 

The Guardian Tree (photo by Robert Wagner)

The creator of the Guardian Tree is Serge Belo,  an artist known as Belo.

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Artist Serge Belo