The Greenpeace Caribou Caravan dropped by the constituency office of Transportation Minister Kathleen Wynne in Toronto yesterday to ask for her help in stopping the McGuinty government's plan to exempt industry, including the logging industry, from Ontario's Endangered Species Act. The proposed exemption could result in woodland caribou being wiped out in Ontario, where they are already listed as a threatened species. The McGuinty exemption would mean that caribou would have no legal protection under the very at that was designed to save them.

A group of Greenpeace volunteers set up black silhouette caribou, symbolizing Boreal caribou threatened with extinction, a giant hourglass counting down the time to the extinction of caribou, and a banner reading “Countdown to election. Countdown to extinction?”

The volunteers handed out leaflets to passersby, who were encouraged to call Minister Wynne to express their opposition to the proposed exemption, and to ask her to make sure Premier McGuinty follows through on his promise to protect caribou and the Boreal Forest.

It was a very cold day, but the reception we received was extremely warm. Check out the pictures here!

If Kathleen Wynne is your MPP, we encourage you to call her constituency office (416-425-6777) and let her know what you think of the proposed exemption. And whoever you are, if you care about caribou and the boreal, please go to our action centre and send McGuinty an e-mail.


Alex Speers-Roesch is an assistant forest campaigner with Greenpeace.