Activist Earl Beadle
Activist Earl Beadle

When I first started volunteering with Greenpeace I had just come back from a great adventure in Tasmania, where I had visited a tree sit that was led by Greenpeace. I knew from then on that I would like to join these amazing folks. Here I am now about to venture over seas to participate as a climber in my first international Greenpeace Action.

I feel privileged and honored that I was asked to help with an international campaign and I am going to do my best to make Greenpeace Canada proud. I started climbing with Greenpeace well over a year ago, and when I first attached myself to a rope I knew that I was taking myself to another level of activism. The Greenpeace Canada climb team has some of the greatest people I’ve ever met, we’ve trained many hours together and are pretty much willing and ready to climb what our skills will take us to send a strong message that we care.

My friends, family and co-workers have all wished me luck and told me to make them proud, which leaves me a lot of pressure. But I am great under pressure and can’t wait to help my fellow Greenpeace family overseas. There is so much happening with the environment, climate change is a huge issue and I am very excited that I’ve been given the chance to help make a difference with an organization like Greenpeace. I’ve learned a lot while volunteering and now that I am the Volunteer Organizer in Toronto I am very happy to pass on my passion and enthusiasm for this earth to others.

I am still unaware what exactly I will be doing overseas, I’ve been asked to help as a climber and that is all the info that I need. This is the way things sometimes work, but it leaves you with excitement and guessing what type of action you are going to help with. Campaigning to make change on this earth is a serious issue, but it can also be a lot of fun at the same time. The great people you meet, the friendships and the community that is built during the process makes every minute worth it.

During my trip I will be posting a few more blogs, I will let you know more about the action, and the adventure as an activist overseas. Now it is time to pack and hopefully I will not forget my climb gear. Oh yes, thanks to my wife Shannon for letting me go!

Cheers to all