On May 1st, Greenpeace activists from 13 different countries took part in a large scale action to block and slow down the progress of an ice breaker contracted to Shell, as it began its progress from Finland to Alaska, from where it will proceed to the arctic to take part in Shell's arctic oil drilling operations. The activists were successfully able to occupy the ice breaker on two separate occasions, despite the ship's crew trying to keep them off the ship with water cannons.  In total, 42 people were able to board the ship and were arrested.

The action continued on May 3rd, when a further six activists were successfully able to board the ship and lock themselves down on board it, thus forcing the ship to take a detour in to a Swedish port so that the activists could be removed by Police.

And then on May 4th, after the ship left the Swedish port, it was once again set upon by Greenpeace activists. 14 swimmers from 4 different countries placed themselves in the direct path of the ship, in order to prevent it from continuing on its journey.

The fleet of Arctic destroyers

We have to keep Shell’s fleet of Arctic destroyers from reaching the fragile Arctic. Every vessel in Shell’s fleet, from this icebreaker to the drill ships, is a spoke on Shell’s wheel of Arctic destruction,” says Henrik Pedersen, Greenpeace campaign manager in Denmark. “This vessel is one of 14 Shell-operated vessels that the company plans to use to drill and spill in the Arctic this summer. We can’t let this happen. Just as every icebreaker and support vessel has a role to play in Arctic destruction, each of us has a role to play in protecting the Arctic.”

You can send an e-mail to Shell and ask them to stop drilling in the Arctic: