This morning at 6:45, about ten Greenpeace Activists blocked the doors of the Hydro-Quebec building in Montreal. The message is clear : we are closing Hydro-Quebec because this is what Hydro-Quebec and the Charest government should do with Gentilly-2.

Activists chained themselves to the doors of the building and two of them climbed to hang two large banners saying : “Hydro-Quebec : Close Gentilly-2!” and “M. Charest : choose clean energies!”.

At the first day of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission public hearings, which aims to study the Hydro-Quebec request to rehabilitate Gentilly-2 power plant, Greenpeace sends a clear message from the citizens of Quebec to the policymakers.

Tomorrow, April 14th, Shawn-Patrick Stensil, Greenpeace nuclear campaigner will ask the CNSC to deny Hydro-Quebec the renewal of the licence to operate Gentilly-2, thus preparing for its closure and proper dismantling and disposal of existing nuclear waste.

You can see photos and video of the action here and here.

There was excellent coverage from the French-speaking media, such as Radio-Canada and RDI (including an interview with Eric Darier, Director of Greenpeace Quebec). Even the TVA Nouvelles helicopter came!

Some English-speaking media also covered the action: the Montreal Gazette, CTV, Global News… even in India!

The peaceful action lasted one hour and a half and ended with the arrest of 6 activists by the police (4 chained to the door and 2 on the roof to hang the banners) and the seizure of the banners. As a closing, Greenpeace released a press release responding to the Natural Resources minister Nathalie Normandeau’s negative response.

Greenpeace invites you to sign the petition on the National Assembly demanding the closure of Gentilly-2.