Greenpeace staff and volunteers are at the annual Green Living Show in Toronto this weekend, talking to thousands of people about out mission and vision for a green and peaceful world.  The trade show is a hub where people come from across on Ontario to find out about greener living.

We're using the opporunity to talk about one of the most important issues facing food buyers: what's in your tuna can.  Our latest tuna ranking report reveals that Clover Leaf Seafoods, a popular consumer brand in Canada,  has a long way to go before they can stack up to other tuna cans on the market.  Simply put, Clover Leaf tuna cans kill more than just tuna.

As one of the largest providers of tuna to households in Canada, Clover Leaf must act now to guarantee responsibly sourced tuna for its customers and stop canning tuna from fisheries that waste other marine life [what the industry calls "bycatch" - species caught along with tuna and thrown back into the sea dead or dying].

You can help by asking Clover Leaf to switch to ocean-friendly tuna.

Visit our online action to find out more and take action to help change Clover Leaf from an ocean threat, to an ocean advocate.

Watch these videos below to learn more about our campaign to change Clover Leaf.

Natalie Caine is a community and volunteer organizer with Greenpeace, based in Toronto.