Over forty environmental groups wrote to Quebec’s National Assembly today to ask them to say ‘no’ to Hydro-Quebec if its board of directors decides to move ahead with a $1.5 plan to rebuild the ageing Gentilly-2 nuclear station, Quebec’s only nuclear reactor.

A few years ago Quebec’s environmental assessment board – referred to as simply the ‘BAPE’ (Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement du Québec) in Quebec – called the decision on whether to rebuild or shut down Gentilly-2 ‘un choix de société’ (a societal decision).

Indeed it is. Hydro-Quebec, however, has failed to even divulge its economic studies for rebuilding Gentilly-2 or its plans for managing its stockpiles of radioactive waste to the public, as called for by the BAPE.

This is not a decision that should be made behind closed doors, so Greenpeace and other groups in Quebec have launched a resolution campaign to give Quebecers an opportunity to say ‘no’ to Gentilly-2.

You can read the letter (in French) here.