What's it like to be on tour with a bunch of Greenpeace activists, visiting communities in Northern Ontario and spreading the word about the current state of our oceans?

Forget about the Pirates of the Caribbean, Greenpeace pirates are in Northern Ontario and we take no prisoners! The rain poured today in Peterborough as we protested outside of Sobeys, but that didn't dampen our spirits! Oh no, on the contrary, the action went swimmingly! We had many people asking questions, stopping to converse with us, and even the store manager wishing us all the best. Our dancing fish, Amanda,was even more bubbly that usual, as it was her birthday.

What do we do in between actions, you may wonder? Besides colouring banners and uploading information and pictures to the web, we paid a visit the local Metro. Eryn, our pirate of protest was followed by our dancing tuna and tail slapping shark (that would be me) into the store. We hung out by the frozen fish section and handed out leaflets to curious shoppers. Stay tuned for more guerrilla activism to come. Greenpeace pirates over and out.

~The Crew of the Queen Poseidon