You would think if you were the Premier of a province that is averaging over 300 spills a year and hundreds of more oil leaks, you’d want to do something to try to lower that number or at least figure out why.

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You’d think that after Alberta was hit with an oil spill that went into the drinking water supply of over 91,000 Albertans that, as Premier, you’d want to try to ensure it didn’t happen again. You’d think that it would be enough of a scare to prompt some real action. I mean we are talking about 91,000 people here.

You’d think that if you missed your opportunity then that when there was another major spill just a week later that poured 230,000 litres of toxic tar sands crude into the environment that would definitely be the breaking point. You’d think that as Premier, if you didn’t act before surely you’d have to now.

You’d think that was the case, but you’re not the current Premier of Alberta. After the third major oil spill in just over a month, our Premier is still reviewing whether she should actually do something.

Today a number of rural land owner associations, environmental groups and Alberta’s largest union who collectively represent tens of thousands of Albertans demanded that Premier Redford protect Alberta’s communities and water systems, beginning with an independent review of pipeline safety in Alberta.

It’s time we knew what changes in government oversight, regulations, enforcement and in pipeline infrastructure need to be made so that we can keep our communities safer and begin to repair the gaping holes in Alberta’s regulatory and enforcement framework.

We need your help to try to ensure that the Premier gets the message.

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While you sign know that all the groups below stand with you.

Alberta Surface Rights Group

Alberta Union of Provincial Employees

Alberta Wilderness Association

Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation

Citizens for Responsible Development

Council of Canadians

Friends of Lily Lake

Earth Alternatives

Greenpeace Canada

Keepers of the Athabasca

National Farmers Union

Peace River Environmental Society

Sierra Club Prairie Chapter

Three Creeks Resident's group.

Warburg Pembina Surface Rights Group

Water Matters

West Athabasca Watershed Bio Regional Society.