Quebec media reports that Hydro-Quebec’s board of directors will decide at a closed door meeting today whether it proceeds with the $1.5 billion project to rebuild and extend the life of Gentilly-2, Quebec’s only nuclear reactor.

Earlier this week over 40 organizations wrote Quebec’s National Assembly and asked it to say ‘no’ to Hydro-Quebec if it gives the go ahead to rebuild Gentilly-2. If Hydro-Quebec says ‘yes’ to rebuilding Gentilly-2 today, we will ramp up our campaign to force the National Assembly to represent Quebecers on issues of public interest, such as the future of nuclear power.

Yesterday I called the assistant to the Hydro-Quebec’s president, Micheal Turcotte, and asked him to give our letter to the board of directors of Hydro-Quebec. His assistant said he put the letter on Mr. Turcotte’s desk.

The letter outlines the series of recommendations Quebec’s environmental review agency (the BAPE) made in 2005 regarding Gentilly-2’s future. Hydro-Quebec has refused to release its economic studies used to justify the life-extension and say how it will manage its growing stockpiles of radioactive waste over the long-term as recommended by the BAPE.

Hopefully, Hydro-Quebec’s board of directors will read the letter before they make such an important decision. The responsible choice would be for the Board to respond to the BAPE before it makes decision.

Public scrutiny of Hydro-Quebec’s plan would show Hydro-Quebec should be shut down.

However, Gentilly-2's fate is a de facto decision of the future of nuclear power in Quebec. Such a decision should be made by the National Assembly and not Hydro-Quebec's board of directors.

We await the board's decision.