Greenpeace volunteers and forest campaign staff visited the Canadian headquarters of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) bright and early this morning for a friendly visit. This time, we came bearing gifts: coffee and tiger-themed cookies. The cookies were a sweet way to communicate to KFC Canada staff that critically endangered Sumatran tiger habitat is being destroyed to make their packaging around the world.

Staff were good natured and seemed happy to engage in conversation, though a few were genuinely surprised to learn that KFC Canada has no policy to keep rainforest destruction out of its supply chain. This is due to KFC parent company Yum! Brands failing to show leadership and deliver a global, environmentally responsible, purchasing policy.

And so I personally delivered a letter for KFC Canada CEO Sabir Sami, urging him to join our call for Yum! Brands global chief David Novak  to develop a global policy to rid rainforest destruction from KFC supply chains.

Greenpeace very publically announced findings in May of this year connecting KFC packaging to the Indonesian rainforest and controversial supplier Asia Pulp and Paper (APP). Going forward, only a comprehensive policy can guarantee customers that buying from one of KFC’s stores isn’t leading to the loss of more rainforest and tiger habitat. Without one, KFC will continue to run the risk of being mired in environmental controversy.

While KFC bosses in Kentucky keep their heads firmly planted in the sands, their corporate peers have not been afraid to take real action. Companies like Mattel, Hasbro and Lego have all the cuts their ties to rainforest destruction and embraced sustainability. Leaders act.

But if David Novak won’t take action, at least you can – show your support for Greenpeace and our fight to protect the planet’s remaining rainforests here: