Kim Rivera

Greenpeace upholds the values of opposing violence and war in all its forms.  One form of protesting violence is passive resistance: choosing to walk away from it.  While we are now known internationally as an environmental organization, we have deep roots in the peace and disarmament movement, with some of our earliest members being war resisters.

Most Canadians support U.S. Iraq war resisters and their right to seek asylum in Canada.  However, our government continues to deport them to the U.S. where they face harsh and unjust punishment. 

Kimberly Rivera is a war resister who served in the Iraq war in 2006, and sought refuge in Canada in 2007 after making the decision to conscientiously object to the war.  This was not an easy decision for Kimberly to make; it meant moving her young family to Canada; it meant not being able to return to see her larger family in the States.

Kimberly was the first woman US Iraq war resister to come to Canada.  She and her family live in Toronto and two of her children were born here.  If deported tomorrow, Kimberly faces harsh punishment for conscientiously objecting to an illegal and immoral war – a war which Prime Minister Harper has admitted was “absolutely an error”.

Canada’s Parliament has adopted two motions calling on the federal government to allow war resisters to stay in Canada, but despite that – and despite our history of providing refuge to war resisters -  Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Jason Kenney has publicly labeled Iraq War resisters as “bogus refugee claimants”.  In July 2010, he issued a bulletin to all Immigration Officers requiring them to red-flag applications that involve US war resisters, labeling them as ‘criminally inadmissible’.

Please take a few short minutes right now to act on behalf of the Rivera family: sign the petition, and call Minister Kenney’s office to object to her removal from Canada: 613.954.1064

Tens of thousands of people have contacted Jason Kenney in the past ten days, calling on him to allow Kimberly and her family to stay.  Actions have taken place from Vancouver to Halifax and more are planned for today.  Come out and stand with Kimberly, and with us, for justice, for peace, and in objection to war