I read over the McGuinty Liberals election platform over the weekend.

The platform, which was released last week, makes $14.7 billion in promises. What’s most notable is what the 43-page document fails to mention – the Liberal’s commitment to nuclear power.

Central to the McGuinty government’s energy plan is spending $46 billion on building 14,000 megawatts of nuclear generation over the next 20-years. Given there is only 17,000 MW of nuclear generation under actual construction in the world today, this is arguably the biggest nuclear construction boom in the world.

And while the Liberals talk lots about their commitment to renewables, their energy plan actually caps long-term development of low-impact renewable energy in Ontario to less than 5,000 MW.

The election starts today. It’s probably time we have a discussion on whether Ontarians want to be a leader in 1970s nuclear technology in 2025 or a leader green energy. Right now, Ontario is set to be green energy laggard.

A good place to start would be for our political parties to actually own up to their commitments to nuclear power.