KyotoHer Majesty’s Loyal Hop-position are running like rabbits from taking a position on environmental issues.  The federal Liberals hid from another vote today, this time criticising Stephen Harper’s dismal record on climate change.  Mind you, greenhouse gas emissions went up 25% under the Liberal watch, so Dion’s reprobation is a bit like coal calling the tar sands black.  Still, we have to wonder how long Dion can continue to prop up a regime that is intent on demolishing environmental standards across the board.  Poor pup Kyoto, must have its tail between its legs.
NDP climate motion dies as Liberals boycott vote Monday, March 10, 2008 CBC News The Liberals refused to back an NDP motion on Monday that could have toppled the minority Conservative government over its failure to combat climate change. Only a handful of Liberals showed up for the vote in the House of Commons. As a result, even though the token Liberals present voted for the motion, it still was defeated, 121-84. The Liberals, who aren't eager for an election to be called, used a similar no-show tactic earlier this month to ensure the Conservatives' budget would pass. The NDP motion, like the budget, was introduced as a matter of confidence. If it hadn't passed, the government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper would have been dissolved and an election would have been called. The motion, introduced Friday, stated that the House of Commons had lost confidence in the government for failing to live up to international climate change agreements and refusing to adopt opposition-approved legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion, one of the few Liberals who showed up and voted, noted last week that he supports the NDP motion in principle, but was not willing to use it to topple the government. He said he would not trigger an election just because the NDP wants one. Analysts and insiders said the NDP motion was designed to put Dion in an awkward spot. He will likely be criticized for failing to ensure the passage of a motion on climate change, when he has continuously painted himself as an environmental champion.