The threat of massive lawsuits is scaring Ontarians into silence. And our political parties all agree we urgently need legislative action to prevent this scourge to free speech known as SLAPP suits – that’s “Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation.”

But does this mean that we will finally get the legislation we deserve in 2013? I sincerely hope so, but it’s gonna take something special to make it happen.

That something special is you – that’s right, YOU, reading this blog!

Bill 83, the Protection of Public Participation Act 2013, is gathering dust while other pieces of legislation sail through the Ontario legislature.

Greenpeace has made formal submissions to official panels, joined hundreds of others calling for this legislation and written countless letters but we now need you to push this legislation over the top.

With legislation so close after so many years, Ontario can’t afford to miss this chance to defend citizens speaking their mind. First proposed by the NDP almost 6 years ago and shephered by the Liberals to this point, the Progressive Conservatives also at least appear to have endorsed this common sense proposal.

We need you to take a few seconds right now to email and tweet at Attorney General John Gerretsen, the Progressive Conservative Justice Critic Sylvia Jones and the NDP’s Jagmeet Singh telling them to make 2013 a good year for free speech in Ontario.

They’d love to hear from you – so take action today!

1. and ask them to make 2013 a good year for free speech

2. If you have a twitter account, Retweet this tweet!

If you'd like to learn more about how SLAPP suits are threatening our freedom of speech please read more about the issue in this Toronto Star article

Toronto Star