KFC's Colonel Sanders got a taste of his own medicine at Kensington Market's kick off "Pedestrian Sunday" in downtown Toronto earlier today. Over and over again, a shivering "Colonel" was mercillesly dunked by free-flowing pedestrians in his own iconic tub, exposed earlier this week by Greenpeace as being produced with trashed rainforests.

Of course, the original Colonel Sanders would be horrified to learn that his iconic buckets and other packaging is being made from rainforests and critically endangered tiger habitat.

Now that the secret is out of the bucket, Greenpeace is calling on KFC and its parent company Yum! to immediately drop notorious rainforest destroyer Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) and get serious about stopping deforestation in their supply chains. David Novak, Chairman and CEO of KFC’s parent company Yum! has built a reputation for good business management that should make this decision a no-brainer.

As Ken Wong, marketing professor at Queen’s University, told the Toronto Star recently, “I think you’d have to have your head in the sand to not recognize that you’re better off preserving the rainforest than destroying it.” Staying out of rainforest destruction is simply good management (though there are many more reasons why this is the right thing to do).

Especially when the supplier is APP – an international pariah because of its continued reliance on forest destruction. A host of major companies across the world (Xerox, Mattel, Kraft, to name but a few) have already taken action to remove APP from their supply chains as a result of its links to illegal logging, destruction of Sumatran tiger habitat and unrepentant gauging of carbon-rich peatlands vital to prevent climate change.

KFC and David Novak can, and must take the steps necessary to avoid exposure to rainforest destruction and embrace the many sustainable alternatives available.

Today’s events in Kensington were fun, informative and a great way to get people involved in the revolt against KFC. Greenpeace’s volunteers were as ever tremendous ambassadors for the organization and the environment, as you can see for yourself. Without them, we couldn’t do what we do and they deserve recognition at every opportunity.

But behind all of our campaigns also sits research, investigation, and work on the ground where the environmental destruction is taking place. This is the foundation behind all of fun, flashy aspects of this campaign and others before it. We have the research, the reports and on-the-ground investigation teams to back up our demands.

For the rainforests, endangered species and climate, please join the revolt against KFC’s destructive packaging today. Rainforests aren’t trash: http://www.kfc-secretrecipe.com/