The Maritime leg of Greenpeace's Sustainable Tuna Tour kicked off today in Fredericton, New Brunswick - my home town! Over the next 10 days we will be visiting towns, villages and cities in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia to talk with people about how they can play a role in protecting species like sharks, sea turtles and rays by avoiding certain canned tuna Clover Leaf!

We started our day at the farmers market, a busy and favourite spot for Frederictonians on a Saturday morning. Our shark was very popular and people were keen to chat with her and learn more about the tuna they buy and which brands to avoid.

Next stop was Foodland (owned by Sobeys) to check out its tuna array. Unfortunately, we found a lot of Clover Leaf, including Redlist yellowfin tuna, a species that other supermarkets and brands have already removed from sale due to stock health concerns. To ensure Foodland customers were aware that the company refuses to stop selling tuna from Redlist tuna stocks and fisheries that kill more than just tuna, we left a message for them on the shelf with a link to our campaign website:

We ended our day at Atlantic Superstore on the north side of the river with the debut of our giant blow-up Clover Leaf can. Superstore customers were intrigued by our inflatable banner, and while in retrospect it was a great opportunity for puns including "Clover Leaf needs to stop blowing hot air and commit to ocean-friendly tuna", instead we kept it simple and let people know that the company is the biggest brand in tuna and a switch to more sustainable tuna sourcing practices could mean big positive change in the Canadian canned tuna market.  Loblaw, the company that owns the Atlantic Superstore banner, is taking some strong steps for our oceans, and has worked hard over the past year to seek out more sustainable canned tuna options for its private labels brands. But as the largest Clover Leaf retail customer, they also need to get tougher on the company and urge it to only fill Loblaw shelves with greener tuna.


Click here to visit our interactive map and see where we've been and where we'll be popping up next. If Canadian tuna and ocean lovers come together this summer, we can help to Change Clover Leaf.