The Ontario government continues steer clear of acknowledging that the rising cost of new nuclear plants puts its $ 40 billion nuclear plan in doubt.

The Globe and Mail’s Murray Campbell notes in his column today the Ontario Power Authority, the provincial agency responsible for electricity planning, said the cost of building new nuclear power plants would be $2,600 a kilowatt when it said nuclear power should be Ontario’s first choice for electricity generation in 2005. Today the cost is at least $3,500 a kilowatt.

These rising cost estimates put into question the government’s whole nuclear plan. If the government was really committed to developing affordable and clean electricity it would go back to the drawing board and take a look at alternatives. While the costs nuclear are going up, the cost of renewables keeps dropping.

Still, the McGuinty government remains unquestionably committed to expensive its nuclear plan. Ontario Energy Minister Gerry Phillips says in today’s Globe and Mail:"I think the public expects that we are going to, on their behalf, get the best possible deal."

The “best possible deal” would not be nuclear. It would be developing cleaner and cheaper green energy options.