It seems to me that Premier McGuinty’s threat to call a summer election has little to do with balancing the budget and more to do with keeping the public debate away from the major proposed changes to our environmental protection laws. 

Greenpeace, along with the David Suzuki Foundation, CPAWS Wildlands League and Ontario Nature are calling on all parties to focus and come together to maintain legal protections for the environment and Ontario’s precious natural resources

Greenpeace  has been speaking out against the Ontario omnibus budget bill since April. This 327-page document, also knowns as Bill-55 (or the heavy weight on my shoulders), sets in motion a complete gutting of Ontario’s environmental acts. The bill, if left as is, contains changes to seven key environmental protection laws that are extremely important for protecting Ontario’s species and natural spaces.

Using a massive omnibus budget bill is a quick trick to slip through changes that would normally be debated in the legislature and subject to Ontario’s Environmental Bill of Rights. Hiding them in the budget bill robs Ontarians of their democratic rights.

If Premier McGuinty forces an election over this, it’s pretty clear he won’t be running on his environmental credentials this time around. Nor will he be running on open, accountable government.

Keeping our prestine lakes, wilderness and wildlife for generations to come is what’s at stake here and that is not a matter of dollars and cents.

You can help, please take action today!