A “disgusting chicken sandwich” purchased at a KFC Canada restaurant in Ontario this August is fast becoming an internet sensation. The incident reportedly occurred on August 31st after an Ontario man unknowingly bought what appears to be an uncooked KFC chicken sandwich and took a bite before realizing something was seriously wrong.

But did you know this isn’t the only disgusting thing you might find when you purchase KFC? Greenpeace publically launched our campaign for KFC to stop packaging its chicken and other products in rainforest destruction this May after uncovering the global fast food giant was sourcing from critically endangered Sumatran tiger habitat. Uncooked chicken + endangered tiger habitat = mmm, finger lickin’ good...

What’s even worse in this latest incident is the lack of response from KFC. The man claims to have filed numerous complaints with KFC without reply. He shouldn’t be surprised – KFC’s response to public concerns about their operations seems to be to stick their heads in the sand and hope it will go away. But what they should realize by now is that the public WON’T go away.

In this day and age, big corporations like KFC are accountable to the public and their customers. They are accountable for the harms they cause to human health and the environment. And they are accountable to little guys like Doug Hernandez who reportedly took the fateful bite, as well as to bigger guys like Greenpeace who expose their destructive operations on a global scale.

Greenpeace even paid a little visit to KFC Canada’s headquarters this summer and delivered a letter to their CEO Sabir Sami but we are still waiting for a response. We have also emailed, written to and faxed KFC Canada’s head of procurement with our concerns without reply.

But if you think that’s bad, KFC’s corporate executives in the US are even cancelling meetings with environmental organizations at the last minute. Just this August, KFC bigwigs cancelled a meeting with US-based Dogwood Alliance at the eleventh hour, a reflection of their unwillingness to consider a sustainable procurement policy. We would have expected more from KFC Global CEO David Novak, who styles himself as a leadership guru. Leadership, this ain’t.

Greenpeace, with our years of experience, remains ready to work with KFC and develop a realistic and effective sustainable procurement policy but all we have received so far  is complete radio silence.

But as Ontario’s Doug Hernandez learned when he posted the nauseating image of an apparently uncooked chicken sandwich online, social media is empowering people and amplifying our voices. This allows us to hold faceless corporations like KFC accountable and means that they can’t ignore our concerns. 

You can take action to stop KFC's rainforest destruction here: www.KFC-secretrecipe.com