One of Canada’s largest oil companies seems to be unaware of the basic rule we all learned in kindergarten: if you make a mess, you clean it up…. before making another one. 

Act now to prevent CNRL from making a big tar sands mess even worse.

CNRL, cold lake, tar sands, spills

Graphic by Chelsea Flook

One of the biggest messes in the history of the tar sands is from the four unstoppable oil spills that have been ongoing since at least last May at the Cold Lake operations of Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNRL).

Yet on February 4, CNRL quietly applied for permission to begin injecting high-pressure steam into a well that is just outside the one kilometer exclusion zone around the site where bitumen is bubbling up under a lake.

The company was ordered to stop injecting steam at this location, and to drain the lake in order to try to find and (unsuccessfully to date) stop this leak, which makes it a particularly crazy idea to start injecting new high-pressure steam into the formation when we still don’t know what went wrong the last time.  

Global News can fill you in on the details of the backstory to this application, but you can affect what happens next.  The Alberta government has been feeling the pressure you’ve helped us bring to bear on out-of-control underground (in situ) tar sands operations and has put a hold on 5 companies’ projects.

It’s time to turn up the heat. We need you to support local First Nation communities and call on the Alberta Energy Regulator to deny CNRL’s application to resume operations at this site, and conduct an independent investigation into the safety of “in situ” tar sands operations.