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Just two days after you helped secure the denial of CNRL’s application to re-start operations at the site of its four on-going, tar sands blow-outs, Greenpeace has learned that CNRL filed another application to start steaming just 500 metres away!

cnrl tar sands spill

CNRL’s second application is to restart high-pressure steaming on its Primrose South lease site. This site is less than 500 meters from where tar sands is still bubbling up under a lake and where it has been seeping to the surface for months.

This company shouldn't be able to add to and profit from the damage it has done to the Cold Lake region while investigations into the causes are still outstanding.

CNRL had similar tar sands blow-outs in 2009. The former Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), the Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB), conducted an investigation into CNRL’s 2009 blow-out and failed to find any root cause and did nothing to ensure similar events wouldn’t happen again. 

The AER must not make the same mistake again. 

The AER must reject CNRL’s application for re-steaming to ensure that no more damage is done to this area and that the rights of the Beaver Lake Cree and Cold Lake First Nation are upheld.

No new steaming activity should occur on CNRL’s Primrose property, including Primrose East and South, until the AER has completed its investigation into these blowouts and determined the cause and solutions needed to ensure more events don’t occur in the future.

Please share and sign the petition calling on the AER to reject the application and conduct a safety review of tar sands in-situ development.

Your voice helped make the difference once -  help us do it once again. 

Please sign and share the petition!

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