One of the great things about working at Greenpeace is that people like to share things with you that they believe need to be in the public domain.  So I was delighted to get a leaked copy of  the scripts and “mood board” for Enbridge’s next ad campaign extolling the virtues of the Northern Gateway pipeline.

Ads like this one: 

Once the story got out, Enbridge claimed that it was all a mistake and that they were never going to make that  an ad that said their Vice President hated oil spills as much as an orca.

So we asked Dan Murphy to make it for them.

Dan used to be an editorial cartoonist at Vancouver-based newspaper The Province. Enbridge really, really did not like his last satirical take on one of their ad campaigns. We’ll see how they like this one.

The proposed ads certainly didn’t go over well with our friends at the Coastal First Nations, who promptly made their own counter-ad: Koda and the orca

The truly cynical part of Enbridge’s latest ad campaign is the goal (according to the leaked documents) of having the viewer think of Enbridge as a person, not a corporation. Indeed, the word “Enbridge” is banished from all of the materials, so the ads can focus on “Janet”, who loves BC and wants to make it “better”.

The reality, however, is that Janet is Enbridge’s Executive Vice President in charge of Western Access. She has one job: get the Northern Gateway pipeline built.

Even on those days when the bitumen doesn’t spill into salmon streams from the pipeline or into the ocean from the supertankers that would be brought into to carry it to Asia, it will be refined and burnt as fuel.

The carbon pollution then released will accelerate global warming and further acidify the oceans.

And that’s a pretty strange way to make life better for an orca, when we have better options available.