A few years ago we tried to put up a billboard. The billboard said, “When there’s a huge solar spill. It’s just called a nice day. Green jobs, not more oil spills.”

It wasn’t the raciest of billboards, in fact, some might call it tame by Greenpeace standards.

Despite it’s fairly gentle, positive spin, Pattison, the nations largest outdoor advertising company, rejected it. They never gave us a reason and the billboard just got shelved.

Since then I haven’t thought a lot about it.

Not until I saw this:

The billboard is from the anti-science, oil industry funded, front group ‘Friends of Science.’ In addition to the ad being inflammatory, factually incorrect, the billboard is likely the last message, the most carbon polluting Province in the country,needs to see, yet there it is up on Pattison’s billboard in Calgary.

It’s time that Pattison explained itself.

How can Pattison reject a billboard that promotes renewable energy, and approve one that tries to muddy a global scientific consensus and delay action on a growing climate crisis that is already displacing thousands?

It seems like Pattison has a climate double standard and one has to wonder if there isn’t an agenda that they are trying to promote.

So Pattison, time to come clean.