David Suzuki speaks at the Pedal for the Planet Launch in Vancouver
David Suzuki speaks at the Pedal for the Planet Launch in Vancouver

Pedal for the Planet has been blazing a trail through Canada, not only raising awareness but making real change!  As they cross the country on their dual-pronged approach to Ottawa, they've been visiting local MPs and talking to them about KYOTOplus.  Great news:  They've already had 6 MPs sign the pledge!

In the west, they're rolling through Calgary - celebrating today with a bike rally outside of Energy Minister Jim Prentice's office.  They'll continue on through the Prairies, visiting constituency offices and highlighting the connection between climate change and predicted impacts such as drought for the region.  And in the east, they're about to circle around Nova Scotia, passing through communities big and small that will be affected by climate change in their own ways: rising water levels, unpredictable fish stocks and extreme weather.

Pedal for the Planet needs your support - you don't have to ride across the whole country to help out.  If you know someone in one of the areas listed below, you can ask them to join the riders for a leg, or help out with event support.   Here's where they're going to be in the next little while - even if you don't live near the route, you can click on the cities below to send a letter to the respective MP, asking them to sign the pledge or thanking them for their support.  You can also check to see if your MP has signed.

Friday, July 24 - Halifax,NS (Megan Leslie)Hubbards, NS (Gerald Keddy).

Saturday, July 25 -Riverport, NS (Gerald Keddy)

Sunday, July 26 - Liverpool, NS (Gerald Keddy)

Tuesday, July 28 - Annapolis Royal, NS,  Middleton, NS (Greg Kerr)

Wednesday, July 29 - Windsor, NS Scott Brison

Thursday, July 30 - Halifax, NS (Megan Leslie)

Monday, August 3 - Regina, SK (Ralph Goodale)

Wednesday, August 12 - Saskatoon, SK (Maurice Vellacott)

Thursday, August 13-  Winnipeg, MB (Pat Martin)

Friday, August 21 - Claireville, NB (Dominic LeBlanc)

Monday, August 24 - Windsor, ON (Joe Comartin)

Sunday, August 30 - Stratford, ON (Gary Schellenberger)

Monday, August 31 - Cabano, QC (Claude Guimond)Kitchener, ON (Stephen Woodworth)

More Events...

For event specifics, and the latest dates as they're announced, visit the Pedal for the Planet page.