Greenpeace’s Polluter Harmony video spoofing Environment Minister Peter Kent’s defence of the tar sands is now approaching 30,000 views and rising. So there's no better time to watch it and send your own love letter to Peter Kent.


You can also check out some interesting news coverage of the tar-crossed lovers from CTV news, Calgary radio, the Postmedia (formerly Canwest) news chain, and even National Post columnist John Ivison. It was all over Twitter and in the blogosphere, with posts on Treehugger, DeSmogBlog and from political strategist Warren Kinsella on the value of using to humour to “deliver a tough message with a smile.”

For as the old saying goes, there is no throne so high that it cannot be shaken by laughter from beneath. And the video is damned funny, thanks to stars Peter Keleghan and Debra McGrath, director Matt Eastman and all the talented professionals who helped us out on it.

But as noted in a number of the comments on the YouTube page and in reactions I’ve heard from friends, it’s also funny because viewers recognize that its core insight is true: our government is in bed with Big Oil.

So if recognizing that you have a problem is indeed the first step to solving it, then we are closer than we were a week ago to separating oil and state in this country so that we can launch the Energy [R]evolution we need to stop global warming.

With a smile.