smithermanphotoEnergy Minister George Smitherman is making another good news announcement today on the government's support for wind power. What Minister Smitherman won't mention is that he's capped the development of green energy to make space for all of the big and expensive nuclear plants he wants to build.  Despite all his talk about expanding green power, Smitherman has remained stubbornly committed to maintaining nuclear at historic levels and preventing the growth of green power.  Canada's largest environmental organizations, however, have given Smitherman a plan to expand green power.   It starts with replacing the Pickering B nuclear station - Ontario's smallest nuclear station - with a portfolio of green energy when it shuts down in 2013.  A decision on how to replace Pickering must be made later this year.

To build a green industry in Ontario, renewable energy needs room to grow.  If  Smitherman is sincere about his desire to build a green economy in Ontario, he'll choose to replace Pickering with green power.