This week, The Nation (an aboriginal news magazine for the Cree and James Bay) released an in-depth exposé on Resolute’s ‘face-off’ over its suspended  Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certificates, the benchmark for responsible forest products on the international market.

The article reveals that Resolute successfully lobbied for its name to be removed from an important Accreditation Services International (ASI) report, the auditors of FSC.

ASI’s conclusions were damning:  Resolute “had not done enough to ensure that the basic conditions for free and informed consent were respected [emphasis added]".

This was despite Resolute CEO Richard Garneau stating in response to the suspensions in Quebec: “We can only hope that the government will succeed in resolving the issues around First Nations... We must wait and there's nothing we can do.”

To read the public version of ASI’s report, click here

We are unable to share the original version of ASI's report at this time. 

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