This morning, activists from London, Hamilton and Toronto stood united against wholesale ocean destruction. It appears that our coordinated Canadian sustainable seafood efforts are having an impact upon the wholesale retailer. However, instead of taking responsible action to ensure sustainable fish are available to their customers, Costco would prefer to attempt to squash our peaceful demonstrations.

After an interview with the local talk radio show, we began to approach the stores entrance. As we came closer, "It's them! It's Greenpeace!" was heard from the stores guards. They came running towards us in an attempt to prevent us from installing our props... but this would not dampen our spirits or stop us from delivering our message.

Since Costco is responsible for the wholesale destruction of threatened marine species and has thus far refused to return inquires by Greenpeace, we weren't about to go quietly. We relocated  just off their property, where we engaged to raise awareness with the local community including Costco customers, four police cruisers and a friendly officer from the OPP extremist unit!