Greenpeace volunteers took a creative twist to Greenpeace's "Save the Arctic" campaign last weekend, by organizing a Flashmob across Toronto.

After making a dance routine to the song "Hot hot hot" and getting some beach gear on, volunteers "swam" through the city to some iconic Toronto spots to raise awareness about how global climate change is causing the Arctic sea ice to melt, threatening wildlife and northern communities.  In additon, new types of industrial exploitation, like oil drilling and industrial fishing, are posing new risks to the Arctic.  The flashmob brought attention to all of these issues, as part of the Save the Arctic campaign that Greenpeace has been working on worldwide since its launch on June 21st 2012.

While our polar bear and dancing volunteer troup got attention performing their routine, others went around the crowd to get more people signed on to Greenpeace's Arctic Scroll, a mobilizing effort to have millions of people join us in our call to ban oil drilling and industrial fishing in the uninhabitated areas of the Arctic.  We want the Arctic declared a global sanctuary, off-limits from the industrial exploitation rushing the area as sea ice melts.  Greenpeace's Arctic scroll had a mission of reaching one million signatures worldwide by December 2012 but recently reached this target on July 20th, revealing how many individuals feel concerned about this critical issue.

Greenpeace volunteers in Toronto, and worldwide, will continue to mobilize people and gather sign-ons to help us Save the Arctic.

Will you be one of them?

Please help, Sign the Arctic Scroll now.

Sarah Munsch is a volunteer with Greenpeace, based in Toronto.