Inspired by the Dogwood Initiative’s brilliant ‘No Tankers’ loonie sticker, Greenpeace has created a ‘Save the Arctic’ toonie sticker!

The polar bear is a symbol of the Arctic and the North, and on a normal toonie you can see an adult polar bear in early summer on an ice flow. By placing the sticker on the toonie you can see what will happen to the polar bear and the Arctic if oil companies are permitted to drill in the Arctic Ocean: the bear and the ice are covered in toxic black oil.

Save the Arctic Toonie

The harsh and extreme conditions of the Arctic make oil drilling there extremely risky. If the oil industry is permitted to drill for oil in the Arctic spills are inevitable, and when they do happen they may be impossible to clean up. Even Shell Vice President Peter Slaiby has said “There’s no sugar-coating this, I imagine there would be spills.”

The sticker has a link to the website where people can sign the Save The Arctic petition, which over 3.7 million people have already signed. By placing the sticker on your toonies you can help spread the word about the threat of Arctic oil drilling and give people a link to where they can take action to help.

We’d like to spread these stickers far and wide! So if you’d like some stickers sent to you so you can put them on your toonies and help save the Arctic, please contact Alex at .