At 11:45 this morning Greenpeace activists from Vancouver arrived at Extra Foods to continue their push on Loblaws. Over the past year Greenpeace has worked hard to get the so called "green grocer" back on track with sustainable seafood. They've stickered, fill carts with Redlist seafood asking for the items to be removed and even executed a direct action earlier this year.

So far our work has paid off. Loblaws came in first place in Greenpeace's most recent ocean's report: Out of Stock Out of Excuses because they created a sustainable seafood policy. But they aren't doing enough. Although Loblaws came in first they are still failing. Their rating was 24 out of 100. We know they can do better.

Hoping to give Loblaws the extra push they need Greenpeace activists were eager to visit Extra Foods this morning. However it seems Extra Foods was not happy to see them. The activists were removed with force as soon as they arrived on the scene. The property manager and several store employees took their pamphlets and disassembled the structure. The activists dispersed and quickly re-grouped on the side of the road. One activist headed inside to speak to the assistant manager and deliver a copy of the reports. The assistant manager took the reports and said they would be passed on.

The activists decided this wasn't good enough, and since the police had not yet been called, they chose to re-group in front of the store. This time they seemed to face less resistance, likely due to the presence of media. They set up a table with cans of seafood and other products to show consumers examples of insufficient labeling and what products to avoid. The police arrived on scene about half an hour later and asked the activists to leave. As of 2:45 the activists are still at the side of the road, working hard to get the message out.