Greenpeace activists left the Vancouver office at 10 o'clock this morning on route for a Safeway in Whiterock/South Surrey. Fish costumes in hand they set out to confront Safeway, for the second time in BC, about their part in destroying the world's oceans. Safeway sells 12 of the 15 RedList species and doesn't have a seafood policy. Activists faced immediate opposition; employees confronted them as soon as they arrived with a structure that holds up a fish skeleton. The activists managed to erect the structure and hold up two banners while giving out pamphlets to customers. Most of the customers seemed receptive or neutral to their presence. Police arrived on the premises about an hour later. They had a short conversation with a Greenpeace spoke person and quickly went inside the Safeway. After about half an hour the police came out and informed the activists that they were allowed to stay and continue their protest. This was however problematic because it is currently 25°C in White Rock. The committed activists decided they cause was much more important than their personal comfort and are currently (as of 3pm) still outside the Safeway, baking in the sun. They are doing their best to keep hydrated and covered with sunscreen lest they turn the same bright red as the orange roughy costume. One activist said, "It's a beautiful day. Who could complain?" while sweating in the sun. Another said, "Heat stroke is a pretty minor problem compared to what's happening in our oceans."