SPPRemember kids, never take candy from a Prime Minister. You never know what’s in those jellybeans he might be passing round. Pesticides, GMOs and who knows what esle. To find out what else Harper, and his US and Mexican counterparts, Bush and Calderon, might be trying to slip you in their SPP, there is a protest at the Vancouver Art Gallery this Saturday, February 16, 12 noon. 

Confronting the Security & Prosperity Partnership    Mon, February 11, 2008 - 9:03 PM    I highly recommend that everyone be at least peripherally aware of both our federal governments' activities towards the SPP - the Security and Prosperity Partnership - otherwise known as "NAFTA Deluxe". From the point of view of democracy and the "freedoms and rights we now have", this is a subtle and relatively unfamiliar danger. Bottom line - a movement is being made toward the "integration" of Canada with the US and Mexico at a level that is unprecedented - and almost entirely WITHOUT awareness by or consultation with the Canadian (or American) public. An array of concerns arise - from sharing of personal data between governments, synchronization of economic policies, and access of corporations to natural resources, possible creation of a N.American currency, etc. etc. etc.
See www.canadians.org/integratethis/ (amongst other sources) for more background.

Two events of note: 1) A public rally on Saturday, Feb. 16 aimed at stirring public debate on the SPP (Vancouver)

There will be an SPP forum on February 16th, 1:00 - 4:00, at the Vancouver Art Gallery. For more information, please contact Janet or Phyllis at 604-775-5800 or (Libby Davies)

2) A more formal NDP-hosted forum on the SPP on Tuesday Feb. 19 (Vancouver)

Rally For the Vote - Confronting the Security and Prosperity Partnership From www.libbydavies.ca/