After making over 20 stops across Quebec and the Maritime Provinces, the Sustainable Tuna Tour has come to an end, but Greenpeace’s public awareness and mobilization campaign against Canada’s biggest brand of unsustainable canned tuna is gearing up. Maritimers and vacationers enjoying the summer weather at popular beaches and tourist hotspots or grabbing some grub at local supermarkets were keen to learn more about what really goes on behind the label of their favourite tuna brands. As a fellow Maritimer it was so great to be back on the east coast talking about what I love most - the oceans!

Kids at Parlee Beach, N.B. took a break from swimming and playing in the sand to colour images of marine life, like sharks and sea turtles, in need of protection from destructive tuna fisheries while their parents learned more about how tuna gets from ocean to can. A highlight of the tour was a sand sculpture contest held at Brackley Beach, PEI National Park where families and friends sculpted the same species coloured at Parlee to support their protection instead of their needless capture in purse seine fisheries using FADs and longline fisheries.

In Halifax, we hooked up with our friend Hector the Blue Shark at the Busker Festival on the first day of shark week. Hector and our Sharkie spread the word about the need to protect sharks in Canadian waters and around the world, and how consumers can do their part by choosing seafood, particularly canned tuna, that is shark-friendly.

We then made our way through Truro, N.S., stopping at an Atlantic Superstore, and ended in Saint John, N.B. where, not so coincidently, Clover Leaf's human resources department is based. We didn’t pay the Clover Leaf office a visit but instead kept to our consumer-focused activities, visiting a Walmart and taking our sharkie out on the town.

With some great local media coverage along the way, our message reached farther than the individual consumers we spoke to at supermarkets, beaches and other stops. As summer starts to wind down and parents and families prepare for school to start, we'll be offering some alternatives to lunches full of Clover Leaf canned tuna. Join our facebook page by clicking here to see what we have in store this fall!