This Halloween a team of Greenpeace volunteers took to the streets of Toronto accompanied by a ghostly Colonel Sanders. Our message was for KFC to keep rainforest destruction out of their packaging, and to let them know that Greenpeace is not going away until they agree to source from rainforest friendly suppliers. You can tell KFC’s Board of Directors yourself here.

Greenpeace paid a visit to two of KFC’s flagship Toronto locations to inform members of the public and KFC’s own customers about the Colonel’s dirty little secret: rainforest destruction is keeping his chicken fresh. Although the weather wasn’t quite as sunny as our earlier activities in July!, we had a lot of laughs and a great response from everyone we spoke with.

At both locations, store managers even came out to speak with us, took our leaflets and will certainly be telling KFC HQ they need a global zero-deforestation policy to deal with high-risk commodities such as paper and palm oil with clear public goals. This is the only way customers and franchisees can be sure that they’re not harming the Indonesian rainforest with each bite.

After only 5 months of campaigning, KFC have now acknowledged publically that they need to address their impact on the world’s forests. But the company still has a long way to go. They still haven’t put in place any real policies or safeguards to ensure they will stop buying from companies, including the controversial Asia Pulp and Paper (APP), who Greenpeace has proved are still pulping Indonesian rainforest and endangered tiger habitat, and who have been exposed time and again for links to deforestation and illegal logging operations in Indonesia and China.

There are many, many, alternatives to packaging sourced from natural rainforests, and KFC head honcho David Novak, as the ultimate decision maker, is in a position to make this happen. I’m quite sure he wouldn’t want the ghost of Colonel Saunders haunting him until he does.

Tell his Board of Directors he needs to show real leadership and get his head out of the sand here.