For about one year Greenpeace Canada has been an active organizing member and supporter of the Tools for Change training project in Toronto.  Since 2010, Tools for Change has been organizing important social change trainings and workshops, with a focus on skill building and creating space for activists to meet and build relationships (one of the most important first steps in building a strong and effective mass movement). 

We focus on the tools activists and organizers need to effectively advocate for social, economic, and environmental justice and we try to do around twenty workshops a year.  Whether you work for an NGO or are involved in a community group, or, you're thinking of starting something yourself - these workshops offer basic-advanced skills needed to make change in our world.

The topics are chosen through a survey process. Every year, we ask organizations across the Greater Toronto Area what workshops they think we should host, and we try to organize the most popular choices by seeking out experienced trainers and facilitators.  Some examples of our past topics include:

  • Introduction to Media for Campaigns
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Group Decision Making
  • Political Writing
  • Public Speaking
  • Fundraising
  • Mastering Google and Going Deeper: Web Research Skills for Activists and Independent Journalists
  • Organizing Rallies

As a big believer in education and training as a means to build a stronger, more effective and informed movement, I wanted to make sure current and future Greenpeace supporters and volunteers know the learning opportunities available to them in Toronto.  If you're an active volunteer with Greenpeace or financial supporter of the organization, please click "supporting organization" when you register & your participation fee is waived!  Also make sure you name Greenpeace as your affiliate organization.

However, if you are able to make a donation, Tools for Change continues to look for financial support to ensure we can fairly compensate educators and trainers for their important training work.  Making a donation at the door, when you register or becoming a formal sponsor of the program is a great way to show your support. 

If you can make a donation to Tools for Change, please visit our website and find out more.

Lastly - come check out a workshop in our fall line-up of trainings.  Learn new skills, refresh past knowledge or come to meet people who share similar values and visions for a better world.  You won't regret it...

Upcoming trainings:

October 20: How to Host A Workshop

November 10: Advanced Media Skills Workshop

November 17: Campaign Planning

Natalie Caine has been an organizer with Greenpeace for 4+ years and now coordinates the organization's volunteer program nationally.