Ontario Bill 83- also known as the anti-SLAPP bill - began its second reading on 25 September. If you aren’t familiar with what a SLAPP is; it’s a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation that aims to intimidate and silence organizations and activists by burdening them with massive legal fees. These are the same orgs and people who are fighting for a cleaner environment, healthier forests and the survival of endangered species.

Now the Bill must be further debated, undergo committee hearings and then a third reading before it becomes law. And it must swiftly become law.  

During the reading, the urgent need for anti-SLAPP legislation was highlighted by all provincial parties. The MPPs who spoke to the Bill said many of the same things that Greenpeace along with now over 150 groups, said just last week. Our call for action to fight SLAPPs was even mentioned by the Attorney General when he introduced the Bill.  

Now we need your help to continue to move this Bill through the Legislature and get it enacted into law. 

Speak up and Tweet Ontario MPPs to pass strong #antislapp legislation #onpoli! Retweet this Now: https://twitter.com/GreenpeaceCA/status/384752554837434369

If you haven’t heard, Greenpeace is currently facing a SLAPP suit. Canada’s largest logging company, Resolute Forest Products has filed a $7,000,000 lawsuit against Greenpeace Canada and two of its forest campaigners, (including me) in Ontario. It’s a classic example of a SLAPP meant to intimidate us, gag our voice for the environment and send a message to other organizations to watch out when considering criticizing the destructive operations of the company.

While this particular lawsuit is about Resolute’s forest practices and Greenpeace, it’s also about more than that. It’s about the right of organizations and activists to participate publicly and freely express their opinions without fear of lawsuits. It’s about activists being allowed to do what they do best – campaign, without threat of legal action.

Most US states, and the province of Quebec, already have strong anti-SLAPP legislation to prevent lawsuits that limit public participation and freedom of expression.

Now we need your help to continue sending the message to MPPs to quickly deliver on strong Anti-SLAPP legislation. The quickest way to contact them is via Twitter.

Ask MPPs to pass the Bill 83 and prevent corporations from attacking organizations or individuals with abusive lawsuits. Use the hashtags #onpoli and #antislapp

Retweet this Now: https://twitter.com/GreenpeaceCA/status/384752554837434369

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Suggested text : I denounce any attempt by corporations to bring abusive lawsuits with the aim of limiting freedom of expression, as well as environmental and other forms of advocacy. I urge MPPs of all parties to work together to swiftly enact legislation that would prevent SLAPPs from being used to limit freedom of expression and public participation