Fred Bleau 
June 14, 2010

(Mount Logan, Yukon) — I'm writing from our little house, seven by six feet. We've been stuck in our tent for more than 48 hours waiting for good weather.

We arrived at Camp 2 on Tuesday and were hoping to reach the high camps quickly, but on our way to do a cache at Camp 3, the weather changed. The weather is the main challenge we face on Mount Logan. A whiteout came fast and stopped us from going higher, so we did a cache at around 4,400 metres. We marked the way down with wands so we can find our route when the weather is better.

The wind is strong and there's lot of precipitation. Our tent is almost covered with snow. We can't go outside and the snow is deep. We're passing time by playing cards, cooking food and melting water. Our moral is good, but we can't wait to get out of the tent and start going up. We are getting more and more acclimatized here, but we still have 1,800 metres to climb.

Fred Bleau is Greenpeace’s voluntary climb leader. Fred is climbing Mount Logan with Pierre Boutin, a teacher from Saint Adele, Quebec, and Jean Philippe Leblanc, an adventure and mountaineering guide from Montreal. Their climb is to to send a message to G8/G20 leaders that the world needs urgent action on climate change.