Name: Nicole McDonal
Volunteer Title:
Activist, Steward and Local Group participant
Age: 24
Location: Edmonton

Greenpeace is lucky to have Nicole on our team. She was a teenager when she started volunteering with us, and since then has grown into a stellar organizer. Here is what she has to say about her experience ...

How long have you been volunteering for Greenpeace and why did you choose Greenpeace at a place to offer you time and energy?
I have been Volunteering with Greenpeace in many capacities since 2007. I chose Greenpeace because I strongly agreed with the core values and believed that I needed to step up as a person to give the environment the voice it deserved.

In general … what motivates you to volunteer?
Volunteering, to me, means so much more then giving just my time. It's essential to making things happen, especially when it comes to the environment as its something the affects us all and without it we can not sustain life. My reward for volunteering is living on a clean and healthy planet.

Do you have a most memorable moment/activity/project at Greenpeace? What are you working on now with Greenpeace?
I have had the opportunity to work on a few large actions with Greenpeace, each of them stand out in their own way.  The constant factor is the people I get to work with. Some folks have been from different countries and even when there has been language or background barriers, we all know that we are there for the same reason and that this connection with people is unbelievably inspiring.

Do you have an inspirational message that you want to share with other environmental activists like yourself?
Without volunteers all of this would not be possible. I know that sometimes it can be a tedious process, fighting for what you believe and not always feeling like you're making progress, but I assure you everything you do is appreciated! You ARE making a difference. So on behalf of everyone who might not get to tell you ...  THANK YOU.


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