For some, the Arctic is a desert of ice lost in the North. For others, such as Shell, BP and Gazprom, the Canadian and Russian governments, it is an oil bonanza we have to go pump without further delay.

But for the people in the North, who actually live there, for the scientists who study climate change and those who listen to them, the Arctic is primarily a pristine and uniquely biodiversified place, a critical habitat for hundreds of species you can find nowhere else, and acts as the “air conditioner” of our planet.

Save The Arctic’s movement gathered more than 5 million people worldwide so far. But with the ice melting, new ambitions and projects are emerging, and governments and businesses want their share.

To turn the strength and dedication of this movement into political power, Act for Arctic empowers all of us to approach influential voices in our countries and communities. It empowers you to approach mayors and ministers, pop stars and priests, entrepreneurs and environmentalists, and to ask them to sign the Arctic Declaration, a charter for Arctic protection, and to advocate for it.


Two months after the launch of the Act For Arctic campaign, more than 600 Canadians have registered and pledged to gain the support of influential people from the political, scientific, artistic, academic, and cultural classes.

These community campaigners got support from David Suzuki, Elizabeth May, Laurent Bouchard, and Margaret Atwood, to name a few.

Across the world, the Arctic Declaration has already received the support of Sir Paul McCartney, Vivienne Westwood, Ian Arthus Bertrand, several members of the European Parliament, and the support of the Alaska Inter-Tribal Council (representing 229 Alaskan First Nations communities), among others.


By starting a massive global conversation at all levels of society, we can put this on the desk of those few decision makers, who can make an Arctic Sanctuary happen. All the tools are in place for protecting the Arctic; simply: the only thing missing is political will.


As British actress Emma Thompson (signatory of the Arctic Declaration), who attended a scientific mission into the Arctic aboard the Greenpeace Esperanza, rightly said " I hope that people stop feeling so guilty and powerless about climate change. That's the lie that keeps us paralysed when really together, we are so much more powerful."

Why not start by mobilizing influential  people around the globe to spread the message through our societies and to convince governments into action?


Already signed the Save the Arctic petition? Take the next step! Contact your mayor, your MP; your favorite actress or writer, and ask them to add their name to the Arctic Declaration.

Find complete information on the Arctic Declaration as well as practical tools on our website

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