June 8, 2010

Billions of years ago, life came from the ocean.  Today, World Oceans Day recognizes that life still depends on the ocean.  Covering 71 percent of the Earth, the oceans feed and nourish us, bringing most of us our main source of protein, and regulating our climate and environment.

But our oceans are in trouble.  In the Gulf of Mexico, BP's oil spill continues to kill wildlife and pollute the coastline.  In the Atlantic Ocean a gyre of plastic waste has been discovered that rivals one in the Pacific.  The biodiversity of our oceans are being threatened as we continue to overfish.

Today Greenpeace has been out rallying support for two of our activists, Junichi Sato and Toru Suzuki.  The "Tokyo Two" are currently on trial in Japan following their exposure of government corruption at the heart of the Japanese tax-payer funded whaling industry.  Help us demand justice for the Tokyo Two.

Here are some links to other oceans-related work we're currently doing:

Redlist seafood in supermarkets
Oceans acidification research
The proposed Enbridge pipeline
Bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean 

Concerned about offshore drilling in Canada?  One of our supporters, Dr. Gail Fraser, wrote a letter to her MP and shared it with us.  Look up your MP and send them a message!