Anonymous pipeline spill tipline: 1-855-237-7455

The Alberta government has to date refused to take the minimal step of requesting an independent review of pipeline safety in the province. This despite the fact Alberta has being hit with three major oil spills in just over a month, and despite a recent report showing that high-risk violations on energy sites in the province doubled to 438 in 2011 even though there were 513 fewer inspections.  

Alberta’s Premier Alison Redford seems to be content with risking another major pipeline oil spill. She seems to be content with the doubling of high-risk violations in the province, and content with allowing over 600 spills and leaks from energy related pipelines to hit Alberta every year.

With the government refusing to act we are turning to the people of Alberta to let the public know what’s really going on.

Today along with the Council of Canadians, the Sierra Club, and the Alberta Surface Rights Group (one of the largest landowner associations in Alberta) we launched an Alberta wide oil spill tip line.

The tip line allows everyone to be a watchdog, allows everyone to help protect their communities and everyone to help be part of the solution.

We know that oil spills happen that never get reported. We know that environments are contaminated with oil spills that never make the six o’clock news. We know that the already tragic number of pipeline ruptures is potentially much higher. The tip line will hopefully give us eyes and ears in communities across Alberta.

When people see a spill we hope they will call the tip line and tell us what they saw. We hope they will help us protect our environment and Alberta’s communities.

Albertan’s deserve to know what’s going on, and they deserve a government that will do something about it.

Hopefully this tip line will help us get both.

Please post this number to your facebook, tweet it, or post it to you website.

When the government won’t act we must.

Calls to the line are 100% anonymous. The pipeline spill line number is 1-855-23-SPILL or 1-855-237-7455. People can also submit reports online at