Legacy Donor Testimonials


Donna Baines - "Some years ago when I was drawing up my will, I tried to think of the best thing I could leave my kids. I decided a cleaner, safer, kinder planet was the best thing. So I wrote a bequest for Greenpeace into my will. Even when I’m not around, hopefully Greenpeace and others like them will be working to sustain and nurture our planet.”




Glen BrownGlen Brown - “The struggle to save our environment is the defining fight of our generation. I’m proud that I can direct some of my estate to helping Greenpeace continue its important work. Greenpeace is politically savvy, street-smart, creative and determined. They inspire the public and change public policy. Greenpeace speaks ‘truth to power’, for which they are denied charitable status; that’s all the more reason to include Greenpeace in my will.”



Trudie Richards - “I included Greenpeace in my will because of the purity of its purpose. How could anyone resist supporting an organization that exists to promote a green and peaceful planet! I was associated with Greenpeace as an employee and Board member in the 1990’s. I so admired the tenacity, commitment and humility of everyone there. I’m fortunate to have a few assets, humble though they are, and it seems so natural to me to share some of that good fortune with Greenpeace, on my death. I know the money will be very well spent.”


Ruth Masters – “Being single, with no dependents, I have been able to allot my little fortune widely among several positive organizations.  I chose to include Greenpeace in my will because they are a global conscience for environmental sanity and peace, an organization that merits our utmost support.  So, the word from here is, “Make that will now.”


Chris Wilkinson -  “I’ve been a Greenpeace supporter since 1973. I felt then, as I do now, that the work Greenpeace does is absolutely vital to the sustainability of our wonderful planet. Being a regular donor and volunteer has been a very special experience but I wanted to do more. Remembering Greenpeace in my will has given me another opportunity to ensure that the fight goes on.”