Become an activist

Our activists actively participate in the life of Greenpeace by supporting our campaigns. They conduct themselves in accordance to the values held by Greenpeace: non-violent, independent and promoting solutions.

Do you want to take action against dirty energy?
Do you want to work with other people who share your desire to preserve the environment for future generations?

Then sign up to become an activist!

Taking part in non-violent direct action involves some risks. To be able to manage the various situations that may arise, it is crucial to take the civil disobedience training offered by Greenpeace.

It is important to understand the following: 

  • This is a volunteer commitment
  • Non-violence, team spirit and motivation are of the utmost importance
  • Flexibility is essential, as is the ability to free your time quickly, for 1-2 weekdays at a time
  • Obeying safety rules is essential
  • Basic knowledge of English is critical
  • Technical experience (rock climbing, B-E or C driver’s licence) is an asset but not indispensable

Send an email to:
stating your name, address, phone number, email address and date of birth.