Clover Leaf Seafoods' Unlucky Tuna

Photo | March 17, 2012

Greenpeace activists visited Clover Leaf Seafoods' offices to deliver a special St. Patrick's day singing telegram imploring the company to green its cans. Clover Leaf is currently Canada’s largest brand of unsustainable tuna, sourcing from fisheries that are wasteful, destructive to marine ecosystems, and often unfair to communities reliant on tuna for a major source of protein. Sharks, rays, other species of fish, turtles, baby tuna from vulnerable stocks like Redlisted bigeye and other marine life are being needlessly killed in purse seine fisheries that use Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) when lower impact alternatives already exist. What it comes down to is that Clover Leaf claims to be doing its part to green global tuna fisheries, but Redlisted tuna is still found in its cans.