Andrej and Ms. Monma

Photo | March 5, 2012

(LEFT) Andrej was born with multiple congenital diseases. A week after this picture was taken, Andrej died. He was less than four months old. His heart had serious defects and he only had one ear. The hospital claims that following Chernobyl, there has been a dramatic increase in babies born with multiple diseases.

(RIGHT) Ms. Sadako Monma is the head of Soramame, a small nursery school in Watari, located in a suburb of Fukushima City. The school’s playground and surrounding area were too contaminated for children to play safely. Parents along with the local community worked together to decontaminate it as best they could. Despite moving one part of the school closer to the main street, contamination remains a problem. Most children no longer attend the nursery. Ms. Monma plans to move the nursery altogether to a less contaminated part of town.