Annya and Kenta

Photo | March 5, 2012

(LEFT) Annya Pesenko (1990) has a brain tumor, which appeared in 2000. She was first diagnosed with cancer in 1994. Annya is routinely rushed into hospital. At night her parents, Valentina and Vachlav, sleep on the floor next to her bed, for Annya has to be turned every fifteen minutes to prevent bedsores. The young girl needs help with everything. Chernobyl in the Ukraine became the site of the most infamous nuclear disaster accident of all. In 1986 the explosion of the nuclear reactor affected the lives of millions in Western Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine. Both countries have plans to build new reactors to export energy to Europe.

(RIGHT) On 21 March, 10 days after the Fukushima disaster, Mr Sato started using his Twitter account to put pressure on the government to provide proper information on the accident to the inhabitants of the nearby village of Iitate, where he was born. He now has some 6,000 followers. Mr Sato believes the disaster has caused serious generational rifts in the evacuated villages. "We wanted to leave our village shortly after the accident, thinking it was not safe. But the older people wanted to stay, so we could not go." Eventually, everyone had to leave. Mr Sato now lives alone in Fukushima CIty. He misses his village, his friends and family. With passion he talks about the beauty of his village, the traditional wooden houses, the gardens, the fields and the trees. For him, it is not only people who have been affected by this disaster, but a whole way of life, and one he may never be able to return to.